About me

I am a multi-disciplined, Somerset-based graphic designer, specialising in high quality creative output for both digital and traditional media.

A designer’s job is to evolve an idea from concept to creation. A good design should be communicative, memorable, elegant in form yet economical. If a design appears to be effortless and timeless then it can be considered a success.

My freelance career has given me the opportunity to work with a wide range of businesses spanning the commercial board: advertising, photography, event production and traditional art. Staying buoyant in this rapidly evolving digital world requires a designer’s skillset to remain well honed and on point, whilst always acknowledging the well-established principals. With each new job comes new challenges. Distilling the complexities of a business or brand down to its essence and projecting it with clarity and confidence is a process a designer relishes.  

Design Roots

I graduated from Oxford Brookes University with an MA in Electronic Media. My first permanent position was with the global advertising firm ‘Grey Interactive’. I then worked for a variety of digital design agencies in London’s West End over a 5 year period, both on a permanent and freelance basis. Clients included Philips, Marconi, Ogilvy Interactive, Vodafone and Catalysm films.

Working for busy urban design houses proved instrumental in adopting a disciplined approach to the design process and a keen awareness of deadlines and the importance of collaboration. A high standard of design of work and keen attention to detail were key to the success of any given project. I have since worked as a freelance graphic designer at Tarka Sands Studio.

I also possess a BSc in Psychology. To the sane of mind, social sciences and graphic design may appear disparate entities, but knowledge in this field has proved beneficial in the creation of visual content destined for human consumption.